How Digital marketing can be beneficial in finding Job?

“It’s better to run with the tide than to lag behind” 

In the near future, digital marketing may become “The Marketing”, as the global population is quickly shifting to the Digital media by adapting to smartphones, tablets, smart cars, smart homes etc. Even the way people watch TV has changed with online TV.

One Party wins in State Elections and One Party wins in Center. Why!!! Answer is Digital media.

Accordingly professions are also getting changed such that digital marketing jobs are ranked within the top 5 profession of today’s era. We don’t see pamphlets in News Papers now. We check nearby salon or furniture through Google. How the relevant names are coming or say popular searches or 5 Star rating or reviews. This all is done by Digital marketing people.

So, whether a company has designed the best product in the world, It’s of no use until it is promoted. Now, Majority of the population uses smartphones and Laptops, so can be easily reached through digital media.

Here’s the future of Digital Marketing:

  • Internet users are growing, with 80% of them accessing the web through smart phones. The number will only increase meaning that, connection to a wide audience is easily possible though digital media than traditional media.
  • You can specifically choose and connect with your target audience with new technologies that keeps innovating every day.
  • Digital technologies provide enormous job opportunities and also qualify you to take up freelancing jobs where you can double your return on investment.



  • Fresh Passout
    1. Digital marketing should be your wisest choice as it is exciting with all the online stuff you already know.
    2. Each module in digital marketing will kindle diversified ideas and skills that will make you eligible to a vast job openings worldwide.
    3. Several companies are likely to integrate digital marketing strategies into their effective business growth, so huge job opportunities are going to open up.
  • Still a Student (Pursuing Graduation) / Home Maker
    1. You can fill your pocket with supportive income while being a responsible home maker or determined student.
    2. Explore your small scale business at home through social media.
    3. Streamline your career career towards digital marketing after your studies.
  •  Trouble finding jobs due to backlogs
    1. Its good news for you, as poor programming skills and limited verbal knowledge will not hinder your entry into digital field.
    2. No pre-requisite required to do this course.
    3. Creativity and innovation is the key feature to be an expert in digital arena.
  • Stressful Marketing or Pressurized BPO
    1. No worries. Digital marketing involves fun-oriented, stress less, non-repetitive work environment with new online tools getting launched each day.
    2. No predefined target. Increase in customer acquisition rate makes you an eternal asset to your firm.
    3. No Rotational shift and high job security creates a healthy lifestyle.
  • Running your Own Business
    1. Connect with various people and earn their trust with less effort and investment.
    2. Offers to work as a consultant to multiple clients with various Digital marketing strategies
    3. Utilize your leisure time by publishing Stuff through Social media like Building eCommerce Shop and promoting through FB.
    4. Online Retail is a kind of shop which never shuts. Its operational 24×7. If you promote it with proper back-linking & hash tags etc, you can find customers, Not only nationally But Globally.

Why do we suggest you to choose Digital marketing?

  • India has a huge number of internet users and ranks second in the whole world therefore digital marketers have a wider audience in India.
  • Enormous rise of Digital marketing companies in India implementing social media strategy.
  • Over 1,50,000 Digital marketing jobs are predicted to be added by 2020 with rise in salaries.

The majority of companies are planning on hiring at a similar rate this year as they did last year, which certainly portrays a good picture. Over a quarter are planning on hiring even more than 2016, whilst just less than 1 in 5 are planning on hiring less, so overall it looks like a rather positive picture for the marketing industry.

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