Latest Testing Trends in Software Industry in 2018

Hi All! Wish you a very Happy New Year 2018. In the current Scenario, when the World is changing very rapidly; New Technologies are emerging in Software Development.

‘Quality Assurance’ is among the most important departments that define the weak points of websites, Apps & Software before their launch. Testing itself is an essential stage of software development where all the QA Engineers save developers’ time and company’s money by finding problems or bugs fast and effectively.

We have tried to find out the latest testing trends which can’t be avoided in 2018 as well.

Trend #1  The Companies, with Economic factor in mind, will emphasize on Open Source Testing Tools. Whether it’s a  CMM Level 3, 4 & 5 Company,  Knowledge of any Open Source Tools will play crucial role in finding job for Freshers. Making Manual Testing as Strong base and knowledge of following Freeware Testing Tools:

  • Selenium IDE, RC & Grid ( Web App Testing Tool)
  • Jmeter ( For Load & Performance Testing)

Trend #2 The Companies who have already purchased License, mostly CMM Level 5 Companies like Sapient, TCS, Accenture, Bank of America etc; and where Testing Environment is set accordingly; will continue to hire Freshers and Experienced for their Licensed/ Paid Testing Tools. Definitely, Salary package is more as mostly IT Giant Companies are using it. The Candidate must be thorough in Manual Testing Concepts and In-depth knowledge of these Paid Automation Tools from HP, IBM for Desktop & Web Based Automation Testing Tools.

  • HP QTP 11.0 or 12.0 ( For those who have employed longer contacts with HP)
  • HP UFT ( Currently, it has replaced QTP)

Trend #3 Earlier, through tools like LoadRunner & JMeter, Performance was measured. Now, in 2018, trend will change and Performance Testing will be replaced by Performance Engineering. This concept is very much similar to V Model. The 2 Way communications will bridge the gap and will reduce the development Cost.

Trend #4 Need of 2018 is BigData Testing. Since few years, Big Data, Hadoop, Cloud Computing are there demanding a strong strategy for BigData Testing. The Search for Testing these Big DataSets will be there in 2018 and once found will be a trendsetter in Software Testing.

Trend #5  Merging of Testing with DevOps DevOps approach requires continuous testing – test automation has to be done on every level. Testers would be verifying the requirements, configuring toolsets for integration and delivery, creating automation frameworks to support DevOps, etc. So, if we are to trust the experts’ forecast, the QA testers and developers roles will merge in the nearest future. Such future of software development would push the businesses towards greater speeds of delivery and QA, along with obtaining higher ROI in the most cost-efficient manner

These 5 Trends will definitely be an eye opener for Testing Aspirants and for those, who are willing to upgrade themselves for IJP or to move to a new company with better remuneration and designation And also for those who want to start with Testing as a new Stream. To check, how choosing Software Testing as a Career, can be beneficial for them, please see our previous Blog How to get a Job in Software Testing.

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